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Tuesday, August 31, 2004 

I'm a terrorist get me out of here

"I'm a brainwashed individual who craves attention, I've kidnapped somebody and as soon as I discover what his nationality is I'll tell you what my reasons are"

This is exactly what all terrorist organizations message translate to.
While the rest of the world has reality TV to showcase their most desperate limelight-seeking manure, the ME has discovered that this is the shortest route to worldwide fame without doing jack. I mean c'mon who has heard of shows like superstar and miss lebanon outside the ME, no one. Terrorists on the other hand get much more airtime and are practically on every single global channel.

Like Reality TV they are just as generic, they also have a cult following & dim-witted groupies and make videos by the thousands.

Though I wonder how cheated that 'Islamic Army of Iraq' felt when they found out that France didn’t send an army to Iraq.

"3aweel you idiot, now what are we going to do with them, go wipe that foam of your chin and google france see what you can find"

"hmm cheese, stereotypes, amelie ah look says here they have a headscarf ban"

"sounds good to me, call up that jazeera fella and this time tell him to get that plain white on black background, none of that artsy flash effects"

I would seriously like to know when turbans became a substitute for brains, and why instead of spending years exploring theology we just need to put on some rags and suddenly change into purveyors of religion.

Of course for the next few days we'll get some cleric saying the usual "this is a religion of peace and doesn't accept these action etc..", I have to ask why are we telling the rest of the world this info isn't that targeting the wrong audience it would make more sense if they directed those speeches to the extremists for a change.

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