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Thursday, August 05, 2004 

Mosul yesterday and some hope

I was searching for more details regarding the fight in Mosul yesterday and I came across this story Khalid Sido, the brother of Mullah Krekar, was killed during the clashes. To those who don't know, Mullah Krekar is a brand name of repellant. No seriously this guy is nauseating at best, he is one of the founders of Ansar al Islam trying to recreate his image as lovable old man (somehow I can only sense pedophile). He goes on about how democracy is evil and the usual drivel yet he lives in Norway. The only reason he is still alive is through some legal loophole that’s preventing his extradition. How he gets to stay and get such a strong defense is beyond me.
Compare that to the case of the Ay family they probably got every single form of immigration punishment there existed, their father was sent back to turkey via germany and never heard of again, the entire family (including 4 children) were kept in detention centres for over a year and later ended up getting kicked out of scotland to germany where they face extradition to Turkey. There was handful of real human rights supporters (who respect the definition of the word) who defended their cause but it didn't work. Yet scum like Krekar and Hamza are still allowed to stay in country and are offered state protection.

Moving to some brighter news, Fayrouz has discovered new-found hope in Iraq through a Kurdish owned restaurant in Dallas (the oddest combination that’s surpassed discovering there was an actor called Rip Torn). She’s decided that if anything may keep all the ethnicities of Iraq together it may as well be our obsession with food, her post even has a link to the restaurants website.

By the way can someone enlighten me who this Afifa Iskandar is, wat exactly is so special about her, and why the simple mention of her name makes ppl go ‘AAh her, remember’ (like I am hearing in the next room). I mean I know she was a singer but that’s about it, I think it’s cos everyone thought she was dead, she’s about a century old isn’t she? (this I’m gathering by the comments I’m hearing).

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