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Sunday, August 22, 2004 

Our Main Enemy's agents!

I am reading from peyamner that Turkish intelligence (MIT) have provoked the turmkmen who are agents for the Turkish goverment to demonstrate against the return of the real people of Kirkuk, the Kurds who were expelled from the city by the Prisoner former Arab Dictator Saddam.

I had talked about our main Enemy and I promised I would talk about how we should treat a country like Turkey. This news and the previous article by a Hasib on the same site made me write this quick post, in which he (hasib) in a very chic way assimilates the visit by al-yawar to Turkey like a football game in which Iraq wins Turkey 4-0 politically. I now wonder if Iraq is really doing everything it can to protect its people "this time I mean Kurds". Ok I accept that there is fighting goin on in Najaf but the country has many capable people to investigate who are the Turkman Front? hwo they get support? how they run TERT stations in Kirkuk and Hawleer?
As usual we [kurds] we dont expect the goverment to protect us [in deed praying not to be oppresed by it!] so why the Kurdistan regional goverment is still silent?
Isn't TF [Turkman Front] doing enough trouble in and outside KRG area to be banned just like Ansar-al-Islam or are we implying the old kurdish saying, that we only fight our kinsmen (hin ba xalloi xoi fera!)
Isnt it time to bann TF from action, while they rally for a Turkman state in no where? while they are working everythign they can to be agianst the Kurds but KRG has given them everything they need to be in a much better situation than the Kurds in both Hawleer and Kirkuk?
I was educated in a Turkish school in Hawleer and I know [can provide proof] that they [the school, now 4 of them] together with TF they work together with MIT against the Kurds fullstop!in one of the schools they had told a student not to stick Kurdistan flag on his notebook as that is involving in politics, but the picture of the Cursed Turkish Leader (my personal enemy) Ataturk together with the Turkish flag was Ok to be even in the teachers bedrooms (i saw it, and I asked why, he said he is proud of it!)
I know what is wrong with us, we dont love each other, we have too many problems between each other to spare time to deal with traitors and agents who are working right in the heart of our land to deprive us from our basic rights!I just saw the Turkish program (Haftada bir) on Kurdsat and I HAVE NO IDEA WHOM THEY WANT TO TALK TO IN TURKISH?! on a chanel called KurdSAT or KurdistanTV while the Turks do not allow Leylazana to say hello in kurdish to the people who did everything to get her and her friends out of the damn Turkish jails!
Oh well, in 1997 one of our leaders went on LBC saying that he wishes one of those Turkish schools to be opened in each Kurdish village!!!! gues what? the next day the manager came to us saying: "hey guys, you shut up now, look what your leaders says about us!"
Turkmen Front is an agent for MIT and must be banned as it is a spy organisation nothing else, together witht the school that I atttended "Private Ishik College" and the 3 other schools!

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