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Friday, October 08, 2004 

another proud day for islamists

Congrats to islamists for making sure that every single news item today had to include them and their monstrous signature. All the news stories today everywhere from the explosions at taba, to the explosion in paris to the daily murdering of iraqis to the gruesome beheading of mr. ken bigley was done by islamists. Yes the bravery of jihad at its best to make a 62 old civilian watch the beheading of his colleagues, be put in a cage for 2 weeks and then eventually murdered. Well at least he's at peace now and these ..i don’t even know what to call them now.. will never be able to reach him anymore. All these acts and its meant to be a Friday, a holy day, so imagine what it would be like when Ramadan starts. With the way things are going I guess God this year will have to change his routine and keep the gates of hell open this ramadan to welcome the overflow of queuing jihadis.

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