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Friday, October 08, 2004 


The commercial for the Iraqi elections looked like a movie with too many holes in it, well at my house anyway. "why is the electricity on" , "why aren't their faces tired" , "where's the sound of explosions, " why aren't they speaking at the same time" to list a few of the comments.
Every where’s abuzz with ideas regarding the elections, should they shouldn't they. I personally feel the only reason we're even holding elections is just to please all the countries who love referring to us as a puppet this puppet that. Keeping in mind that these countries themselves are made up of artificial kings and presidents, made of up artificial borders based on artificial treaties who of course didn't mind iraq's previous puppet presidents starting from the first king of iraq who was imported from jordan whose family in turn was imported from saudia arabia.

I've heard all arguments for and against elections and I must say I'm against it. Don't get me wrong I am all for democracy but is there really a point for an election that is going to lead to a bloodbath at polling booths and centers from day one. How many iraqis will be willing to vote with that threat on their heads. Strangely enough the ones we are meant to feel sorry are the mullahs and clerics that are causing the chaos and sabotaging in the first place because wait for it.... they may be sidelined. See this is exactly what happens when you only use to democracy to appease criminals.

Even an elected government is not going to stop conspiracy theories running by our beloved neighbors about iraq. These ppl won't stop sending their terrorists/exports into iraq unless iraq gets a president that's preferably a butcher who would continue paying their salaries.
All in all it’s just a waste of money to please ppl who just wish death and destruction for iraq and iraqis. What could be a more reasonable step is it to start elections on a smaller scale. Take a small relatively secure area in iraq, ooh i dunno kurdistan maybe, and see how elections go over there. I'm pretty sure there are many many people there who would like things changed in parliament, and in another way it could show the rest of Iraq how good elections can be.

But of course that is never going to happen and the coalition would love to see more iraqis die instead of giving anything tangible democratic or useful to the kurds. This isn't just a rant let me explain. Last year it was considered unreasonable to train iraqi officers in kurdistan even though the resources are there, it was very cost effective for bulk training and the peshmerga know exactly how to deal with these terrorist types. Instead the coalition decided to only train 30,000 iraqi officers in jordan for $1 bn dollars. Or how about the no-no of using kurdish peshmerga and iraqi troops (this again last year) for peacekeeping in iraq and instead wanting to waste $7-8bn to send 'peace' troops from turkey, who thanx to their constant foot in mouth tactics refused.
Notice how iraq is used as some sort of excuse to pour more money into countries that are hardly worth anything. Also all this and iraq's internal budget at the time was only $124 million.
Or how about Nato, everytime they mention the fact that it would be more useful for them to operate in kurdistan instead of say jordan... all neighboring countries and sometimes even egypt rush into meetings to make sure that doesn't happen

And don't even get me started on the reconstruction work, things would have advanced a lot more faster and safer if things were run from kurdistan saving more money and more lives but they would rather concentrate on area that does exactly the opposite. Most kurds are depending on businesses run by kurds or branches of companies that have head offices in Baghdad to get anything done. Our telecom is homegrown they’re not completely privately owned though but maybe there will be potential to do so. So far these companies, sanatel and asiacell, are doing really well in brining in foreign inverstors into the country. The electricity in major kurdish cities has been running to its full power for a few months as well and that was mostly done by kurds.

If something like electricity could be sorted out (in iraq that’s a huuuuuge step) elections shouldn’t be that much of a problem. I’m not saying things are great up there but that’s exactly why elections are needed. It would be a great force of strengthening kurdish ties with each other( after all there still exists animosity from the civil war in the 90s) kurds ties with other minorities co-existing with them.. after all even kurdistan is ethnically diverse the other minorites should be represented well (and no not by these hate based organisation that keep popping up on alam and mustaqilla tv but by assyrians,chaldeans, turkmen and yezidis from kurdistan that do want good for it) and at least it could slow down those mafia like techniques both parties seem to imposing over there. And there definitely won't be any room for islamists and their ilk to have chance at it... actually thinking of it I've hardly ever heard anyone mention these jihadi group without the use of extremely colorful expletives. We do have alot of work to do but at least we are willing to move forward. I'm not saying the rest of Iraq isn't, the silent majority is paralyzed by fear… imagine what it's like to always worry about whether you would come back home every time u leave the house or worry about if your relatives are alright constantly... now add to that something as jihadi threatening as elections. Iraq is still run by islamist thugs only when they are removed would they ever be able to move forward.

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