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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 

Wait! 3 more new blogs found

First on my (second) list of new finds today is the Multy Culty Girls- Kurdishlady, in German.
Second, Free Kurdish Political Prisoners (which is in Kurdish),
and Lastly, Welcome to East of Kurdistan, in English.

I think that should be all the finds for today.

I am not sure if you want a list of Kurdish blogs,this is what www.kurditgroup.org has made


and they have even made some templates we well.. here:

Don't forget the blog about ROJ tv.

Xua hafiz


I just wanted to let everyone know that I added this blog to the blog roll on my site. My site is The Is-Ought Problem:

-- Charles

here is a post from one of those blogs:

HPG's Commandership Headquarters published the war balance for November. The war balance includes numbers from clashes with both the Turkish and the Iranian army.

Numbers from the war balance:
* Turkish military operations: 9
* Clashes during these operations: 23
* Turkish soldiers killed: 44, of them 6 Turkish officers
* Turkish vehicles destroyed: 3
* Martyred HPG guerrillas: 5

Are you kidding?

A WAR?? is this site promoting blogs that claim that there is a war in the east of Turkey between Turkey and Kurdistan?

are you the public relations side of an organization that seeks Kurdistan independence from Turkey by bombing shopping malls and killing Turkish soldiers and then screaming to the west "human rights!! freedom of speech" (in perfect english accent by the way)

could you please prepare an "ABOUT" page on what this site is promoting and what you mean by a KURDISTAN? and what Kurdistan is, and how many Turks live in Kurdistan.

"Vladimir van Wilgenburg" is the writer of this blog.

I was thinking it would be a Kurd.

now I see... I wrote this in another blog and you perfectly match the cliche:

Besides 9% unemployment, poor education, seperatist Kurds one of the problems of Turkey is that we also have soft assed, latte sipping, apple macintosh using Europeans sitting on their warm asses in their central heated houses trying to mess with a democratic 3rd world country (you can only get so democratic in Turkey's state) only and only so they can find something uncomfortable in their G5 country lifes.

oh. oh. oh. The Kurds will be so grateful to all you once a Kurdistan is established in the east of Turkey. But their sons and my sons will be in too much of a Israel-Palestine state of mind to express their gratitude to your high intelligence

The post detailing the address of the blog that you find offense, Turkish E.T., was in no way meant to be an endorsement of that particular blogs content. The post was only to illustrate that a new blog with a focus on Kurdistan was created. If you disagree with the content, please contact the author of the blog that you have offense with, we will neither defend or reject their opinions. We also expect our readers to have the ability to read and process materials from many different places and to be able to form their own opinions.

Thanks, Delal. I added the "Welcome to East of Kurdistan" site to my blogroll.

It is short and to the point. Very nice. Only it is sad sometimes what I read.

Please pray for these people to have freedom and democracy. Thank you.

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