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Sunday, December 04, 2005 

Delal has been very active recently..She has been doing a great job in introducing us to new bloggers..I would like to announce some great news for the Kurdistan Bloggers.

A Kurdish website has agreed to support bloggers... They have created a page for technical support page. (such as the two codes I use on my blog)... Feel free to ask them any questions regarding your blog issues...

They have also agreed to create an active platform with a better blogging tool to host Kurdistan Bloggers Union.

Weldone Bloggers... We are almost there...


I am afraid that we need more information than that? What new blogging platform?

Dear Delal,

Blogging platform I meant one of these new blogging tools such as word press. They are easier to access and better with uploading images etc. I asked them to put a special logo on their main page to attract more readers to KBU, but they saying that they can only link "internal links" unless it is a proper advert..so this was the main point of the negotiations. they have (vagugely) agreed on giving us hosting and free advertisement on their main page...But the problem is that now on how active we are going to be.

I posted this so that we can discuss it here. Your views are truely appreciated.

Word Press is nice (I use of for something else that I work on). My primary question-although I am sure that I will have more- is with switching to a new platform will we be able to bring along the previous work (the archives) of this blog, or would this mean starting anew?
As to the issue of activity on the blog, Hiwa, Kurdo and I are still active. Are any of the other bloggers planning on being so as well?

Delal I entirely agree..That is what all my negotiations are about...I also wanted to transfer the whole archive into their server...They have accepted this term taking into account that it can be techinically acheivable.

about being active, even if not, the new visitors will mean more comments and more attention I am sure we will have a set of new writers.

They said that they have about 30 000 hits a day...If we receive 2000 hits of this 30000, i will be over the moon.

what suggestions do you have ?

I think a concern that I have is whether the negoiations focus on an equal merger with the Kurdistani or are they agreeing to take ownership of the blog? How is this going to be anything other than allowing them to use us as an extension of their editorial staff? I find it odd that we broke ties to the Northern Iraq project only to take up with someone else, and the fact that it is being done so quickly afterwards.

no I am asking for a free web hosting similar to here..but with a greater number of readers..their staff will not have the password to access our own blog..it will be a similar blog but so far I have not received any replies whether they can trasnfer the whole archive or not.
I am not willing to accept anything less than full independence. They contacted me in summer asking me to do what you do now in Global voices and present it as a news article every week..Due to the shortage of time I couldn't accept this task.

The reason why I broke up with Northern Iraq project was very obvious I think to all the members here. I don't accept any members to treat others with disrespect.

any comments ? :)

I understand and support the decision you made with the Northern Iraq project.

I also did a little searching and the wordpress platform is compatible with blogger, so switching that shouldn't be too difficult.

Ok so if I understand this correctly we are joining with the Kurdistani to get some of their web traffic? That is a noble goal. There are a few things that we could also do to improve that on our own. Registering ourselves with Technorati would be a good start. As you, Kurdo, hold admin rights that task would have to fall to you. Another thing that we need to do is have someone posting everyday, I feel that we might have lost a lot of readers because of that. We would also need to be a little more proactive in getting other blogs to link to us. If that means commenting more on other blogs and using KBU as our homepage, that could also be a solution.

Yes that is the goal :) I have been very open with them and told them that from the first contact and they have no problems with that because they will offer their readers more.

I am not a very technical person when it comes to computers. I will make you an administrator (i should have done earlier sorry) and please explain stuff from there ?!
thanks in advance.

I am kindly against it! NO MORE comments though
this doesnt mean your move shouldnt go ahead, it will simply mean I will be out!

they are only offering hosting like KurdishMedia is hosting several organisations. We will be recognised as an organisation and I think that is postiive.

Can you explain why you are against this move and why you are against having more readers to KBU ?

please see now if you are the admin or not :)

Kaka Kurdo,
I have answered those questions, first in saysing: no more comments (may be an email)
secondly its nothing to do with who hosts what and having more readers.

good luck

Yes I seem them now. I won't be able to work on anything until this weekend---school. I will send a email out to everyone before I do anything on the template...the only thing that I will do for the moment is get us registered on technoroti and put their badge up that links to our info. If that works for everyone.

I wish you the best in whichever decision is made.

Please, Hiwa, don't leave. I look forward to reading your perspective on issues.

Actually, that is one of the reasons why I like this site. There are enough people here to have a politely diverse articles!

I realize I was not commenting for a while. This is because I am writing for 5 sites on my own, I manage and edit 2 of them as administrator, and I write for 3 others!

(Beside that, for a while there was nothing new. I did keep looking though!) lol. Have a great day.

thanks delal :)

If we do not communicate, we can't go anywhere. If you have any good reasons please share it with us we are always listening. I am afraid "no comments" won't solve anything and won't make us understand your opinions.

kurdo hiwa doesn't have any reasons he is just saying that he doesn't like it "ba hawast"..

or in Halabjaii accent ba nerakari....chish akai bika

Maybe there is not enough Kurdiyeti in TheKurdistani...

But I don't care..

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