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Thursday, July 29, 2004 

Kurds' main enemy!

Turkish prime minsiter Erdogan in Tehran:
"After reaching a consensus on commercial relations, regional matters, and the transport of Iranian gas to Europe via Turkey, the Tehran administration vowed to fight the PKK"..by the Zaman rep in Tehran

I think now I can confirm what I have been told by my friends, family, some of my teachers and some other people when I was young that "the Turks are our enemies" is QUITE TRUE!..well books needs to be written to prove it! as there are endless evidence. 
but why is it so?
I have a very long way to go in my life yet but from what I have learned so far tells me that, there is no specific reason why the Turks hate the Kurds or any specific events which would make us enemies, from my four year experience in education in Turkish school, and my two year living experience in Istanbul, having worked as a supermarket personel up to manager assistant, then teaching English to youngsters, then some University life and some tourism work too, I have met Turkds from workers to MPs, putting all this aside what I have read here in Europe from different sources as well as the Kurdish sources prove that the Turks are against everyone! it is not only us, they even don't allow the Laz (still Turks)to freely integrate into their society!or the Turkomans, i have friends living in Ankara who confess this, let alone any other nation.
They hate the arabs (common Turkish feeling and politically too)take the crach of Ottomans or the current Arab-Israil conflict.
They hate the Iranians, take Chaldiran war to the current politics and much more, but the only point they both can agree on is to be against the Kurds!
They hate the Greek and we all can even hear it!!
They hate the Russians...the English...etc etc
so as we see they hate everyone around them, well I wonder why so much the Kurds! Oh I think the difference is not much apart from us (Kurds) being without a state and were not able to deffend themselves like the other nations, if the Greek were like the Kurds they would have faced the same fate in the hands of the Turks!
I DO EVERYTHING JUST DONT LET PKK GROW PLEASE!Look at the prime minster, the islamist guy with his covered wife, just like one of his predecessors Tansu Ciller (Turkish liberal mind!)who told Hafiz-Asad that she would flow the water for them if only they would give no further support to PKK and call them Terrorists!Erdogan now says, I will flow your gas to Europe if only you attack PKK!
Is this a sign of abig concern? in only 10 years the Turkish Rep becomes friends with two foes, they are ready to divert their politics upto 180 degrees ONLY to be safe from the Kurds...this really gives me big big RELIEF!
The most imortant thing is how should we (kurds outside Turkey and esp Kurds in Iraq) treat them? should we use "Keep your friend close and your enemy closer?"
I will try to wirte something about this next time...!

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