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Tuesday, October 12, 2004 

Barzani in Ankara

Sabah.com.tr: "Biz Kerkük'ü Kürdistan'ın kalbi kabul ediyoruz. Kerkük Irak'ın iç işidir. Diğer ülkeler karışmasın" diye yanıt verdi.

I love to see that expression in Turkish, "we accept Kirkuk as Kurdistan's heart,Kirkuk is an internal affaiur and other countries must not interfere"replied.

This was wat I was looking for in the Turkish media, he is the son of Barzani, he knows he has cards to play with at this very sensitive time for the region, Turkey will be discussed at the french parliamnet, Turkey is watched by everyone, Turkey has problems with Russia,Iran, Syria and Arabs in general, Turkey needs to be carefull with PKK and KongraGel, Turkey needs to look after his kidnapped and beheaded citizen, and on a Turkish poll I checked, 43% of them said: Turkey is going worse agianst 23 or something goin well and around 30 saying no changes!

It is not 1996 nor 1991 nor 1988 it is 2004 and Air Kurdistan is approved by USA, just as US gave a good pill when they allowed Peshmarga to liberate Kirkuk and Mosul, does that give me a little impression that Peshmarga will win those two cities eventually? I am not sure but the referendum; which barzani mentioned in his meeting with Erdogan is the guarantee for Kirkuk.
Hold on, what are they talking about? deciding on kirkuk to be what? are we discussing a step towards independence? or bringing Kirkuk into the KRG? which ever seems perfect to me! so the case is now pending and everyone is working hard to win it! and signs from Kirkuk show that if and only if we get rid of the disunity among Kurds, everything is in our favour!Oh, do all these seem to be we are fighting to conqur somewhere? We are just trying to GET OUR RIGHTS BACK!

Barzani in Ankara fighting the Turks, last night Talabani told Al-arabia that for the election there will be a coalition called Barzani-Tabalani-Allawi-Al-Yawar, just as they are running the interim goverment now, rumours of re-creating Kurdistan-Front discussed at the PDK and PUK meetings, the referendum demand of Kurds all tell me that at least we seem to be united in the eyes of others, all these made me feel we are really working together for the benefit of Kurds. Have Barzani and Talabani realised that even Taiwan knows what fatal disputes they had in the past? and that is why they refused any diplomatic exchange between taiwan and Kurdistan!

His visit was to discuss three issues: 1.Kirkuk (Kurdish locomotive towards independence) 2.PKK-KongraGel (if we know how to deal with them they are the future PDK&KDP) 3.Open air for Kurdistan Airlines (we need to shout Kurdistan among the clouds,too). so overall compared to 1996(i think!) when they went their to talk about the cease fire between Kurds, we are making good progress!....huh

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