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Sunday, October 10, 2004 

Hate Factor

Ok so hate in Iraq isn't new, we've had government after government taking racism to newer heights until we reach saddam which was the ultimate textbook ideal of what a proud arab leader should do to the non-arabs.

But all this time I couldn't find ordinary iraqi arabs with the hate I'm hearing now against kurds. For example their avoidance of any dialogue the kurds have tried opening with them since the end of the war, the suicide bombings during Eid, the beheadings of kurds, the calls by clerics in mosques praising the animals who did that act and calling for more bloodshed (because they feel saddam hasn't done enough against us). Strangely enough most of the time there are actually kurds sitting in the mosques while these calls for blood are shrieked out, makes u wonder what kind of clerics are in Iraq now who don't even know who frequents their mosques and who doesn't. Ok I know it's not only the kurds who are facing this hate and that there are other “flavors of the day” lets say. But this kurd-baiting is really getting out of hand all that’s left now is an email forward that starts with "did you know that 2000 something kurds didn’t show up for work in WTC on Sep 11"

My mother spent a large pat of her life growing up in baghdad she used to say that iraqis in general used to compliment someone being loyal by saying "could be a kurd". I personally have never ever seen hate from any Iraqi I've grown up with. Even the ones you just meet always have something nice to say like a reference to shaqlawa or something about salahaddin or peshmerga or how we've been relieved of this "arab glory" joke that they still have to endure. Iraqis who are indifferent to the kurds have never come up to me and spout stuff like "you ‘re stealing our land" "american lapdog" "zionist agent". Kurds I know who left Baghdad before the war didn't face any of this hate as well. There are also iraqi writers like Adnan Hussein and Jasim Al Mutir (better explained here in Karda's post) that are staunch supporters of kurds and their rights. So what has changed?

The generic explanation used every single time to explain the situation is "but they're occupied". Oh really well try being occupied forever or in more recent history how about being occupied for 80 years by 4 racist states competing for the "kill the most kurds" title.

If we stick to Iraq, Kurds in iraq have been through exactly what arabs have been through except more extreme from gassing to mass graves to being a test subject for every kind of torture saddam and his posse can think of. These were all direct acts of an arab dream or the arab glory saddam used to refer to, all this and we didn't get any kurdish terrorist blowing up arab hangouts. To add on top of that when kurds in iraq did get their freedom they had to go through a senseless civil war as well and but after that was over with they didn't become a death cult to the rest of the region and no ansar al islam are not included since their priorities are cleansing of the kurds.

Or how about moving down to the rest of Iraq look at what they suffered for 35 years... humiliation, torture and mass murder. If that isn't occupation then I don’t know what is, 95% of Iraq was occupied by the dirtiest filthiest 5 percent of its community under the Baath flag. Its morals and traditions are evident in what became of the country. Iraqis had to live in poverty while other foreigners were placed on top of them. Iraqis had to pay for the bullets that their relatives were executed with while saddam paid tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for other arabs, europeans and americans to praise him or dedicate poetry or songs to him. Iraq used to be a mainly midde class society (very few really rich and very few really poor) it became a society of extremes, extremely rich ppl and extremely poor ppl with few families left in the middle.

All this was happening with praise and jubilation from the entire arab community, who by the way are still mourning saddams passing and still believe he will come back one day, and the international community. Then how come we never saw any iraqis blow themselves up in saddam-supporting countries (which basically was the entire world at the time) and where were these voice of truth media when all this was happening.

It’s unbelievable that after all Iraq has gone through they would be willing to repeat the cycle again everything seems to lead to these obvious conclusions. Saddam spent a lot of money and effort on his mukhabarat (secret police), army and military. How many of these ppl have been caught after the war ? Very very few. So what do state sponsored rapists and murderers do when there's no vacancies to practice their trade? Go to the street of course.. they have nothing to lose. Take fallujah for example at least 35 percent of that city were part of Saddams mukhabarat, that’s only mukhabarat so imagine how much of them were republican guards, torturers and fedayeen saddam there were. This group hate the kurds from the beginning so that's nothing new. Also add to that, borders opened up... now who usually take advantage of a weak state... entree islamists who also have a first class degree in slaughtering and anything unholy. So what we do get is two main groups who are in iraq for different reasons but have a common goal... hate america and get iraq under their control. Take something like this association of muslim skanks, isn't anyone asking how there were "independent" clerics out there who weren't killed by Saddam? He murdered anyone who doubted his authority and had to make sure he had more names than God. These people are simply baasthists in a new uniform
All these acts that are happening in Iraq have their stamp all over it the use of charity funds for terrorist activity, beheading, torture ,people worship, videotaping their crimes, using civilian human shields, child murder (something baathists have sorely missed) and only cowardly fighting in hiding.
I am not saying that iraqis are innocent of these acts, unfortunately alot are involved and more are being brainwashed by this ideology as we speak. The only good thing about this chaos is that baathists came out in their true colors whether they are activists or writers or politicians. In the aftermath of the war they tried thinly veiling it but now it's out in the open. At least later (if we ever have a safe secure later) there would be no way they’d be able to defend themselves against those allegations.
Any Iraqis even remotely supporting these acts must know that they are dispensable nobody cares about them and these groups they support are not going to stop at one race. Today it's us tomorrow it's you.

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