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Wednesday, October 13, 2004 

A hernia-ridden licefest harmed babies ..no can't be

I was waiting to post about the leyla zana award, but i heard this news on the car radio about the new mass grave found in iraq. In case you are not aware it's a grave in hatra thats solely inhabited by women (some even pregnant) and babies that have been shot dead and then bulldozed into a hole. This was one of the acts that were part of saddam's anfal campaign against the kurds. I wasn't speaking lightly when i said last time child-murder was an activity mukhabarat baathists sorely miss. Anyway on the radio the presenter said something like "this may show that saddam's regime killed indiscriminately " as opposed to ppl who think that saddam killed for a reason? I mean are there seriously ppl out there who thought saddam had a reason for any of the crimes he did?.
And this fake shock expressed by everyone like they really didn't know what saddam was doing during his rule, well get your rehearsed gasps ready many many more sites like that are going to be found.
Even with all this hate going on, alot of iraqis travel to kurdistan during weekends and relaxing there, in fact one prize on sharqiya tv includes a honeymoon in hawler. The best comment I've heard so far is look arabs come to kurdistan and dance while kurds goin to the arabic side get beheaded (in case you aren't aware another kurd, this time a translator was beheaded alongside a turk by ansar al sunna)

I think acts such as this should be used as a warning to see how far hate can go, all these ppl who start shouting abuse against a certain race or religion or teaching their children and students blind hate should know that they are just a few degrees off the ppl who've done crimes like that if not already supporters of it.

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