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Friday, November 25, 2005 

New Site?

Ok, so I realize that I am probably the last person to find out about this, but I am going to post it anyway....did anyone else know that there is now a Wikipedia in Kurdish?
Unfortuately, my Kurdish is none-existant (yes, I know...I am trying to learn..) so I am not able to tell if it is decent or not, but I still find it interesting and a definite step in the right direction.

There is linux in Kurdish, windows in Kurdish.. etc

So yep.. you are probably the last one finding out! Kurdish wikepedia exists for a year or two

Here we go:


It says:

Destpêka Wîkîpêdiya Kurdî- 07.01.2004

So that makes it almost two years...

who posted that ? there is no name darling :)

Ahh!! There is no name on there is there....I'll mention it to Kurdo. Yes the silly post was done by me, Delal. Your resident ditz. :)
Thanks everyone for the extra comments!

Wow! I did not know this! That is fantastic. This is one way to keep your culture. Don't ever let anyone deprive you of this. You have a right to your language, art, music, dress, etc. This is so cool! ;)

guys ,
I actually tried to translate staight form english to kurdish a couple of times in Wikipedia,but Its hard to say it but I got sick by the Kurmanji Notes that show up ...
I almost find it impossible to translate more than a couple of pages in one days since it takes so long to see what "dirok" actually means!

Hope some one is gonna do a compromise in this Sorani / Kurmanji Confilict.

Some thing that can be done is actually to have both at the same time...
I actually tried to do it but I thing this goes beyond my previliges in the user name that I have ...

May be the MAIN kindda admin of Kurdish Wikipedia Can do this change and I will be happy to give the translations in Sorani


I will start working with the Wikipedia - once I am done with my exams...

I have Kurdish education - Standard Kurmancî - and the wikipedia is a good place for me to use that knowledge...

By the way - Dîrok means "History"... As opposed to C,îrok, which means fiction/story...


I am what you might call the "main administrator" of the Kurdish Wikipedia. But everyone of you can become admin by contributing regularly. And I am not the owner of the site!

The only reason that there is so little Sorani there is that almost nobody contributes in Sorani. I have tried to do everything to make it more useable for Sorani writersm included a lot of right-to-left stuff, experimented with fonts and so on. But there doesn't seem to be anyone who wants to write in Sorani with the arabic alphabet.

I don't know which words are understood and which are not. If there are common words in Kurmancî and Soranî, they certainly should be preferred.

By the way, I have a little blog in Kurmanci: http://kurmanci.blogspot.com

Please let's not discuss here, but in the Wikipedia.


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