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Thursday, June 30, 2005 

AIDS ? a foreign plot against Kurds !

Or how to be as so stupid as most of states in the world which had waited for a serious epidemic to acknowledge that... ahem... yeah, at home also... Thus, according to the Kurdish newspaper Hawlatî, 61 HIV cases have been reported in Silêmanî. This number would have been quoted by the Department Police of the city, some high ranked people having made a memo about the issue.

Is it so surprising for a worldwide epidemic ? We could even say that 61 is few and it would be interesting to search other cases in ALL the country.

But the minister of Health has - of course - denied everything, saying that there is NO HIV case in Kurdistan. Absolutely none. When virus is going to pass the border it realizes that it goes to Kurdistan and runs away.

Now, according to the memo, police wants to arrest all the prostitues coming from southern Iraq and foreign countries. And the minister of Interior has even added that these sex worker females are in reality sent by "ennemies of Kurdistan", in a great paranoïa delirium : "It could not come from us, all our female prostitutes are healthy (seems that there are no male prostitutes in Kurdistan, in any case not in minister's statistics) ; it means too that there are no drug addictions, no sexual relations without condoms (except with foreign prostitutes but because they have bad intentions), no dangerous blood transfusion in Kurdistan". All the problems come from elesewhere (everybody know that foreign people are always corrupted, libertine and a source of contamination).

So for unique prevention, and though at each terrorist attack, authorities call people to give blood, you have only to ask sex workers' nationality, and to make sex only with Kurds. No condoms, no tests, no campaign of information about the way of contamination...

The next time, if police find a case of chicken flu in Kurdistan, I suppose they will state a geostrategic explanation about a Chinese plot ...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.


The power of revenge

I am sure that there are a few of you who have seen this news item today (for the sake of simplicity I am just going to paste the article here and comment afterward):

Young Kurd takes revenge after 19 years
28/06/2005 DozaMe.org
KURDISTAN, June 27 (DozaMe.org) - A young Kurd named Ferdin Xelili killed the infamous Iranian army commander Malik Abdul Elizade and wounded his son in the city of Urmiye in eastern Kurdistan on June 17.

Malik Abdul Elizade was serving as an intelligence commander for Pasdaran in 1986 in the city of Urmiye. During his service in Urmiye, Elizade was directly responsible for torturing and killing hundreds of Kurds; among them nine villagers in the village of Lorbalaco 5 kilometers west of Urmiye.

Among these nine villagers were Ferdin Xelili’s father Sidiq Xelili and his uncle Salih Xelili. Ferdin Xelili was only one year old when his father and uncle were killed in 1986.

19 years later, Ferdin Xelili took revenge by killing Elizade.

(Source: Rojhilat.org)

Wow, when you really think about the story the consequences of his actions are deep. Please by no means believe that I am advocating violence, I am a pacifist at heart and strongly believe that violence is never the answer...however the impact of revenge upon this boy, that he grew up his whole life hating someone so much that he wanted that person dead and acted upon it. While his hatred is justified, is his violence justified as well? I put this as a question to the group (please comment): Is violence justified in seeking revenge?

I want to put words to how this story makes me feel, but I am afraid that I am unable to do so...maybe I will be lucky and a flash of inspiration will hit...but until that moment, my heart will be filled with sadness for this young boy consumed by hate and know after he has resolved his hate, having to deal with the aftermath.

Monday, June 27, 2005 

"I prefer to play with the invisible"

As the movie could be seen in September in France a booklet of presentation has been already published. I just reproduce the interview, though many of the talking could have been red here and there. The movie is announced on memento.film.com, too. Moreover, I know that Hiner Saleem will come to Kurdistan in July, to present his work. So Kurdistani, be aware !


What was the genesis of the movie ?
When Saddam Husein fall, I was in Armenia, where Vodka Lemon was shot. I had only one desire, at this time : being there, with them. As soon as I came back in France, I decided to go to Iraq and to return to Kurdistan. I 've talked about it around. Everybody found the project very attractive. So I went, without waiting for funding. I went without knowing if I would spent two or eight weeks. I stayed four months.

What is the origin of the story of this man who go to war ?
At the origin, it is my brother's story who deserted Iraqi army. So I started with this character of soldier against his own will and I developped the scenario bit by bit while I shot the movie.

Coming back in the country that you left more than twenty years ago, what were your feelings ?
I had been through many emotions, quite violent. During five minutes, I cried for joy by seeing the Kurds free. Five minutes later, I was exasperated to constate how they refuse to accept the fragility of their situation. But after five minutes again, I was overcomen by the joy to see them free and happy.

What kind of obstacles have you met ?
The biggest problem was to find a camara and negative. There was not one single camera which could work in all the country. You have to know that, all along its history, Iraq did not produce more that five movies. So we had to cope, and do it quickly. Nobody could foresee how the situation would evolve.

Though its conditions of realization, Kilometre Zero is brightly achieved with numerous sceneries...
It is a road-movie. So yes, we had shot in many places, with a lot of sceneries and extra... Kurdish authorities helped us. The action is set at the end of 80's, a short time before the end of the war against Iran. So it is a period movie, we had to recreate all a world which has disappeared now. When I came, it was not already possible to find a uniform of Saddam's army. Even his pictures were unobtainable... I fled the country when I was seventeen, things have much changed. For example, the national hymn is not the one I knew when I was a child. A technician made me the remark. It is the same thing concerning the flag. Saddam's Iraq had had three versions of the same flag. The coloured strips changed of direction, a star had been added ... So we had to remake it, without forgetting the spelling mistake on the calligraphy '"Allah is the Greatest"... Saddam himself wrote it with his own blood, and no one had the courage to tell him that he was wrong...

You had to flee your country. Was not it painful to work with these omnipresent Saddam's portraits ?
But I live always with him ! He was everywhere, on books, exercise books...Wherever you look at, you could see his picture, on a throughbred horse brandishing a sword, in military uniforme a Kalachnikov in his hand, knelt toward Mecca on a prayer carpet...We knew all his titles : "president commander, knight of the Arab nation and guard of its Eastern gate, victorious of the Zionists, pride of the Tigris and the Euphrat..."

Where did you find this statue of Saddam ?
I made it make...All the Kurdish sculptors refused. I had to persuade an Arab sculptor. It took 2 weeks for finding one who did accept. For obvious reasons of safety, it was unthinkable to make cross all the country to a giant statue of Saddam, we thus decided to move the workshop of the sculptor.He went to Kurdistan, in a house, and worked in the garden. When the statue began to take its real size, the head raised above the wall and the security immediately arrived. "Our Saddam" had been confiscated and the sculptor imprisonned. I had to explain myself with authorities to make him release.

In the most unbearable situations, under the fire in trenches war, you are able to make laugh. As if you tinct the most tragic trials with humour and lightness...
I speak about very serious, very deep subjects, but I try to present them with their own simplicity. I did not want make something spectacular with war scenes. I don"t play with the sensationnal, nor strong emotions. I prefer to play with the invisible.
As for humour, I perhaps inherited that of my grandfather. He said : "Our past is sad, our present tragic, but fortunately we have no future." In the most tragic moments, we find ever a burlesque detail, an absurd situation. Kurds, like all people who had suffered a lot, use to see them. This humour help us to survive also.

Kilometre zero is a movie about dictatorship and war, based on pure and arbitrary violence. Why this choice to not show directly horrible crimes ?
Probably a question of decency. What I film, what I say, could not be compared with the rage that I bring in my heart. One day perhaps I will manage to express it.
In Kilometre zero, I did want essentially to recreate an atmosphere. To make breathe the perfume of the dictatorship. It would have probably easier to narrate a simple, concrete history. Each Kurd has dozens of such histories to tell.

How to define the relations between both men, the Kurdish soldier, a soldier against his own will, and his Arab driver?
Both are like two time bombs. We don't know when they will go off. In five minutes, five hours or five years... But we can be sure that they will go off.
Without our opinion being asked, we were annexed in Iraq and oppressed by a majority which does not cease refusing us what it claims for itself. I speak vainly their language, I do not know the Arabs. I know them only by political police and army.

Would you say that this movie is, more than the former's, a political movie ?
No, it is not a political movie... Even if I am a very political man. I watch the news with enthusiasm. I need to be informed all the time. But I am not a militant cineast. I am a passing creature on the earth, who looks at things and tells stories. In a certain way, I make cinema because I have not the power to change the world.
Above everything, I adore life. And by this love of life, I would like that my brother be free, that my sister be free. Then, I would be happy.

What means the titleKilomètre zéro ?
Kilometre zero says that we are still at the same point : Iraq has been invented 80 years ago, and since this time, the country did not make one step forward. It could be a reason to despair. Or to hope, if you prefer. When you start from zero, you can make nothing but advance.

Kilometre zero ends with an hopeful touch.
I rather say that it ends on a hopeful moment. I don't think that the film ends in reality. We don't know what will be the future. The regime of Saddam is fallen, and that is huge. But nothing assure us that the situation will be better. I would say that in the interval, during one moment, we have time to breathe..

Sunday, June 26, 2005 

Where have the good bloggers gone?

This was a question asked recently in the comments of an earlier blog...where are we? We are here, listening, biding our time until the right moment to speak presents itself. It has been months since I have last posted, and during those months I have watched the tone of this blog being hyjacked.

The purpose of this blog is to educate others on the subject of the Kurds, to provide a forum where Kurds from around the world can unite and discuss...however the tone of this blog has morphed into an analogy of the Kurds in the world now. We are as un-united here in cyberspace as we are in reality. All of our voices converge here, but we can never say that we speak for all.

This is not to say that the anger we feel and is oftentimes vented here is misplaced. There will always be anger, but it is how we shape that anger that makes us strong or weak.

Anger and sadness shape our psyche like wind and water shape the mountains. It is dependent on the strength of our foundations that determine our ability to withstand the forces against us. A new challenge faces us, seemingly small but signficant. News reports about Sadaam: in his underwear, talking to US serviceman, his family publishing his books of allagorical stories. While comedians make fun of him and we laugh alongside...we must not forget that he is still getting press. The world knows that he is a "bad man" but do they remember why? At the end of every news article I read there is always a little quip about "how he was a dictator and killed is own people", I find myself skimming over these most of the time...and if I do it, you can just imagine how many others are doing the same. It seems as though the world is forgetting through familarity, the "yeah, yeah, I know, I've heard it before" syndrome. This is perhaps the largest danger that the Kurds can face in these times: forgetting through familarity.

How do we stop this? I wish that I had an answer. Perhaps we all need to step back and reevaluate ourselves. The world needs to be rid of Sadaam, not trivializing him, not by downplaying his actions with jokes or undirected anger, but rid of him completely. We must destroy any power that he still holds even if that power is of him being perceived as a dotty aging man in the media.

Thursday, June 23, 2005 

General Gayhart : Washington Post Lied About Kurds


  • US commander , General Gayhart denies Washington Post Kirkuk abductions story

  • Kurdistan Regional Government sent a letter to Washington Post about their allegation

  • Iraq President dismisses Washington Post Kurdish abduction allegations

  • PUK official: Washington Post’s allegations "nothing but lies"

  • Kurdistan president disputes report of Arab, Turkomen abuse

  • No Arabs displaced, says Kirkuk's governor

  • we should ask , why Washington Post and other medias doenst cover Fucking Turkey's Big Crimes against Kurdish peoepel ? why they pubish lie news about Kurds ? Why no Media but small medias cover the Statements declaring Washington Post's lying ?

    I ask f****ing Washington Post to take a look at these pictures before they accept Turk's bribe .

    Monday, June 20, 2005 

    Yet another cowardly attack in Hawler

    When will anyone stand up to these criminals, and this is kurdistan the "safe area" in the same day a suicide attack in hawler kills 15 ppl (and rising) and injuring over a hundred others early morning in hawler/irbil and another suicide attack in Halabja kills a security officer and his 3 bodyguards. How did a jihadist reach halabja anyway?? I thought that city was meant to be especially protected more from this type of scum.
    There's also rumors that another car bomb was meant to set off in hawler but was defused in time

    I mean since these jihadists are so obsessed with blowing up why not just hire some secluded area for them and dump them there, let them combust as they please... we don't care how cheap they value life just keep us out of it, and at least this way be can be saved of the selective outrage the outside world has on human rights "abuses" which surprisingly only work well with criminals

    I hardly saw any coverage of it today I mean a mention of hawler but nothing about the Halabja incident.. maybe too much is happening in Kurdistan and Iraq to mention in a half hour slot.. but surely they could have squeezed something in the 20 minutes of it they kept for Tom cruise getting squirted. I'm not one to be picky but do we really need to see him get spalshed from different angles and in various shutterspeeds and then be forced to watch guest panelists .. sorry experts in their "field?" analyse his behaviour and reflect on his past...
    just a though

    Sunday, June 19, 2005 

    Iranian Kurds send signal to Americans

    Today the outcome of the Iran's election was announced ,
    The election which Condoleezza Rice and Bush , called it undemocratic , the election that Iranian writers in prison and Iranian oppositions had boycotted it .

    The Iranians Supreme Leader Ayatollah khameney , had asked people to attend in the election , in order to kick USA’s in the mouth .

    Although majority of the people had boycotted the election but the truth is , Iranian Mullahs like (Iraqi Mullah -Sistani- have some fans among uneducated religious people and they DID attend in the election .

    The other group that attended in the election was reformists, they said none of the candid are ideal but they choose between bad and worse their candid was Dr.Moen .

    CNN and BBC reported high attendance of people in the election in Tehran , the Iranian Government Medias, are celebrating and show it as a “Victory” against USA .
    the Iran FM said “let do a Duel with USA , and see who is more popular in the region …”
    Western Medias forgot to cover Iranian Kurdistan. (AS ALWAYS) The majority of the Iranian Kurds boycotted the election and didn’t kick USA in the mouth.

    Whatever…. The Iranian election is continued another round, because in first round no candid could get 50% of the votes.
    “Rafsanjani” and “Ahmadi Nejad“will be in the next round of the election.

    Rafsanjani the rich mullah, 72 years old , already was president of Iran for 8 years, Kurds have bad memories of him , in his time thousands of the Kurds were hanged and he killed the head of Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran , in a restaurant in Austira , while it was supposed to sign an agreement in that Restaurant .

    Ahmadi Nejad , who is Tehran’s mayor , is an un-educated extremist shia .whose job is Madahi (Madahi means mourning and beating yourself for Shia Imams)
    he is the favorite Madah of the Supreme leader of Iran .

    According to Dr NooriZadeh,
    the VOA New’s expertise (in Persian Section), Ahmadi Nejad has killed hundreds of the Iranian Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan , by his own hand .
    And according to him ,he honors for his shoting and killing political prisoners .

    Yeah poor Iranians “have to” choose between Rafsanjani and Ahmadi Nejad.
    for Iranians it is choosing between Bad and Worse but for Iranian “Kurds” it is choosing between the Monster and the so horrible Monster .

    whatever as Iran FM said a duel has started between Iran and USA in the region .
    Iran counts on un-educated extremist shias in the region , and USA counts on freedom loving people in the region .

    Today the Shia leader in Iraq sent a signal to USA, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim , admired the Iran’s election and he says they must change Iraqi election to Iranian style ! (yeah ! these shias cant bear democracy -soon like iran the Great (?) Ayatollah Sistani will filter the candids so peopel can choose among them )

    unlike other parts of Iran ,In this election , Iranian Kurds compeletly boycotted the ellection and had the lowest participating all over Iran, It is a signal for America!

    America should receive these signals that are being sent from Middle East!
    If America really wants to be winner in the region and finish “the Broader Middle East project”, she needs the Kurds , Kurds are considerable of Iran and Syria’s population

    But is America answering to Kurdish Signals?
    Syrian Kurd had “large” protests over killing their Pro-West Moderate Clerk, but no American Medias covered it as they covered Lebanon Protests .
    Kurds are not happy that their their forces are called Terrorist “Unfairly” and fighting against them , capturing them in USA and deporting them.
    Kurds are not happy that their land is being called Northern Iraq – South East Turkey , …instead of Kurdistan .
    Kurds are not happy with America’s supporting their dear "model of Democracy" (Turkey ) against Kurds .

    It seems that America is not answering to Kurdish Signals from Iran and Syria .
    they are busy answering to Turks , well it is American's choice to be Turks ally than Kurds!

    some related Articles :
    +An air base in Kurdistan is needed
    +Turks scared that PKK becomes a tool of the US

    Saturday, June 18, 2005 

    Worlds Medias Against Kurds

    during the kurdish history , we hardly seen media's support for ourself,
    in the hard days of genocide , they left us alone and sent their cameras to Palestine and to Turkish Discos , we kurds have the right to spit in the face of every western media and newspaper , they sold their conscience to Arabic Dinar and Turkish Lyra .
    they always showed the worst possible picture from kurdistan and ignored our beauties and silenced our voice .
    it just 1-2 years that Kurd word is being fimilliar with Western's Ear, -because of Iraq War-
    whatever ...

    let talk about Washington Post , this newspaper , recently has started atacks on Kurds , one day before Kurdistan Parrilamnet start , (that was gonna be a crisis for kurdistan because of the delay in its start) , Washington Post published a news that "Massud Barazani" was wounded and he is near his death !
    nobody knows why while kurds had internal problems over their pariliamnet, Washington Post published that Lie news . we dont know why , but we know , it was in the favor of Kurds' enemy ,if the Kurdistan pariliamnet wouldnt start because of that news.

    Kurdistan pariliamnet held its first meeting and some days later they chose Barzani as the President of Kurdistan Regional Government that caused Kurd's happiness all over the Kurdistan - Turkish , Iranian , Syrian Kurdistan .
    Again Washington Post , after kurds sucess in parliament , published an allegation against Kurd , that was immidealy spready all over the world . in which they accused Kurds for abducting some Turkmen and Arabs to "Norhthern Iraq" -They meant Kurdistan -.

    VOA news in Kurdish ,Turkish , Persian and English , published this allegation , just 6 hours after Washington post , (they didn't wait to see if it is true or not) they published the news as Kurds are Monsters and they are eating everybody in Iraq.

    I asked myself even if it is true , Is prisoning some peopel in this Urgent Conditions of Iraq and specially Kirkuk , that everybody can be accused of being terrorirst , that much important? , is it a genocide against Arabs and Turkmens in Kirkuk?
    I remember a Northern Kurd , Ibrahim Parlak was captured by US and was prisoned for monthes and after months they found out he is not terrorist ! -this is because of the urgents that 11 sep caused -
    why Washington post didnt care when Arabs killed 182000 kurds in the Kirkuk City ? but now it is crying for some Arabs and Turkmen that been just "captured" in this urgent condtions ? and is making the worst possible picture of Kurds in the world ?
    if they have been captured for no reason by Kurds, we Kurds are reasonbile enough to do justice and punish those polices who did smoething against the law , we dont need to do any illegal action .
    but the way that news was published , everybody would say "what a monsters these Kurds are , they are chaning the demography of kirkuk to steal it "
    it is so bad ... it is like that a little 2 years old girl fights with a 40 years old man, and nobody cares when the man beats the girl but when the 2 yers old girl Clapperclaw the 40 years old man , everybody shouts at the little girl .

    whatever, later , the Iraqi President dimissed the Washington Posts allegation , not only the Iraqi President but also PUK officials and also Turkmen officials stated that those who were captured in Kirkuk were just terrorists and they had hand in terrorist attacks, and even most of those who were captured by are Kurds form Ansar-Islam Group not only Arab and Turkmens
    (Asnsar Islam is Kurdish Version of Alqaeda and their members are mainly kurd but they they comiited big crimes against Kurds and Kurdistan for the sake of bin laden , they are most hated in Kurdistan )

    Washington Post's allegation came untrue, but we didnt hear World News to publish Turkmen- and Iraqi's officials reply about this untrue allegation , they just did their best to destroy Kurds . while Kurds were celebrating Barazani's being President of Kurdistan. and expected to show the world Kurds everywhere are United .
    Kurds in Turkey - Iran and Syria celebrated Barzani's being president but Washington Post tried to Fade the news of our celebration by publishing lie news about Kurds ,

    acording to news , Washington Post "Untrue" propagenda against Kurds has raised tension in Kirkuk betwen Kurds Turkmen and Arabs .
    if you look carefully ,you can see Turkey's hand in Washingtion Post,
    I think Washington Post bettter publish the list of their Donors and Sponsors , to see how many Turks are among them.

    unfrotuantely we kurds always been victims of these fucking Medias,
    when our best friend in the world (America) calls our biggest enemy (Turkey) the model of democracy for the middle east, we cant expect better than this .

    as long as we kurds dont have a Stong Meida for ourslef, to publish Kurdistan News by ourself, we must expect fucking Washington Post and damn VOA news to do propagenda against us .

    and we should not expect none of these damn medias to cover these news:
    - 6 month prison for speaking Kurdish in the Model of democracy (Turkey)

    - Punishment for DEHAP Party for Playing Kurdish Songs In The Model of democracy (Turkey)

    - Torture in the model of democracy's prisons .

    -Model of Democracy's Army insist on violence in Kurdistan

    - ... and many other news that you can never find in Washington Post or VOA..

    + recently a good news site started to cover Northern Kurdistan News, which is one of the most unfocused parts of the world . plese check Dozame

    + The Kurdistani and KBU News are also a good source for Kurdistan News , Please if you want to help Kurds to raise their voice , link to their news .

    Thursday, June 16, 2005 

    Electoral evening

    Yesterday, there was a ceremony at the Kurdish Institute of Paris for celebrating the election of Masud Barzani to the presidency of Kurdistan. Moreover, it was not so much Barzani for himself which was celebrated, but the fact that having a Kurdish president of a Kurdish state for the second time in history, and with better chance than Qazi Mohammad in 1946 to last. As Kendal Nezan, the chairman of the Institute has stressed, now we have a state, autonomous or federal, no matter, whatever we don't care, but a STATE, which exists, and will have a political, legal, international status. A flag, a parliament, a president, a language which is, unusually, official, which is recognized as the first language of a country, and anymore clandestine, or only tolerated. This state which is all the Kurds' one, from Iran, Syria, Turkey, the only place in Kurdistan where being Kurd is not a mistake.

    After that, Kendal whishes freedom for all the Kurds, in Iran, Syria, and that the Kurdish Federal State gives some ideas to Turks to resolve their Kurdish question. (well, for the moment, it gives them only black mood).

    Then the Iraqi ambassador in UNESCO, an Arab with charming manners, made a short friendly speech, praising Kurds and Barzani. Then it was the turn of Saywan Barzani, who, as the ambassador of Kurdistan had to speak, but, for that reason, could not praise openly his uncle like both former speakers. So he made optimistic predictions concerning the future of Kurdistan, of Iraq too, and the evolution of the situation the latter, " a bit difficult now". Funny to see as fortune changes : nowadays, Kurds comfort Arabs, by saying "don't despair, one day you'll achieve your democracy."

    But exceptionnally, we did not listen to speeches only with one ear, by waiting only for champagne (that we have drunk at last). All of us were, I think, raised by an emotion. We have won. We have a state. A flag. A team soccer, brainless supporters with three-coloured tee-shirts, taxes to pay, policemen, tickets, politicians of which we could speak ill, schools, universisties, angry student's demonstrations, "Kurdistan Airline" planes, in which I will be so afraid as in others, trains which will be in late or not, a country with the word KURDISTAN written everywhere we like. And no matter if our good neighbours have nightmares.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2005 

    president or peshmarga?

    hi everybody, I know it is been along time; but I dont want to force myself to write so...
    well I must admit that despite my rude(!) attemps to wind up some Turkish nationals on my holiday when asking me (ver are u from?) I was: from Kurdistan (in Turkish), then they go (nasil Turkceyi ogrendin ozaman? how did u learn Turkish then?) and I was: I was taught by the intelligence people in Kurdistan... one amazing saying of cursed Ataturk says: "the nation wo doesnt know his past may vanish!"
    this is what has been happening to me and I believe to most of Kurds, if you ask any of us very simple questions about our recent or far past, I doubt that many of us would know it and yet we declare to be "we deserve a country and we will be victorious oneday!" but I just wonder how on earth we can be victorious while we still dont very basic stuff about our history!
    Thats why I have decided to read some about our recent histoy although I have hated history since I was a young child and I never liked dates and names! I hated geography, too untill I grew up and learned that I belong to nation which needs good knowledge of it as our land has been generously given to neighbours by invaders!
    The other thing that we fail to realise is that, any Kurd you talk to somehow blames our leaders whether dead or alive, but no one (including me) takes serious action to CRITICISE, unless we ask our leaders that they have duty to do, NOT that they are so kind to do somethign as if Kurdsitan belongs to some people and they contribute to people like Hamurabi or any other stone era Kings!
    I must say, if I were given the choice to vote for a president to Kurdistan and there were only two candidates, I would have most probably voted for Barzani (but not his Party) as well (if not empty ballot!) but would never see him as more sacred than a nromal Peshmarga let alone going out and dancing for anyone as we have to WAIT and SEE what on earth he is going to do for my town Halabja first!
    I must also say that a president is almost the opposite of a peshmarga logically and technically, I hope combining both will produce a leader with the courage of a Peshmarga and the wisdom of a president.
    This question has been bothering me since I first learned that in parts of the world there were leaders who sold their personal possesions to serve their nations, "why we never had one?"
    lets hope Barzani knows very well what happened to the successive Kurdish leaders and the latest and closest to him; his dad and that he will do what the Kurds want and at the end of his four year presidency if he does really prove to be a LEADER then I will go out and dance on the 14ht June 2009 NOT now!

    Sunday, June 12, 2005 

    Liberation of hostages in "Iraq"

    At least Kurds have a Président ! Now the Parliament in Erbil can go to holydays, all the MP-hostages had been released.

    Saturday, June 11, 2005 

    Shocking news for Kurdistan :

    Shocking news for Kurdistan :
    The U.S. military in Iraq has released a list of 150 wanted members of the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) to the U.S forces in Iraq in the first solid move against the PKK presence in the Iraqi Kurdistan, reported CNN-Türk on its Web site. Source (KBU NEWS)

    Kurdish freedom fighter waiting to be arrested by Americans

    you know PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) is the only so called "terroist" group which its goal is establishing a democratic state . (look the US departement of state's report)

    PKK is the only so called terrorist group which has the highest number of Women's participating in it . almost 46% of it members are women . (mind that we are talking about a region in the Middle of "Middle East")

    PKK is one of the few parties in the middle east that doesnt based on relligion but democracy..

    And you know PKK had to use gun , or they would be killed, in a country that they didnt even belive there is something called "Kurd" on this planet , ... in a country that they would be jailed JUST for speaking kurdish ...how could they demand A Democratic state without being have to use gun? and we know PKK has been the only side , that always offered ceasefire, and Turkey the only side that always refused to accept the ceasefire.
    everyday EVEN in the year of 2005 , they torture kurds they capture kurds, ,,still kurdistan word is forbiden there....can you belive an iraqi woman in Sweden whose first name was "Kurdistan" wasnt allowed to use Turkish Airline ? (read it here)
    can you belive , they attacked to a Korean tourist and beat him just because he asked the direction for Turkish Kurdistan ? -yeah Kurdistan word is forbiden there-
    this sad stroies happnes in the year of 2005 ! after many so called reforms to enter to EU .
    just imagine how hard life was 30 years ago ...

    I can never forget the video that 4 Turk solider killed a kurdish girl , for speaking kurdish ... I can never forget it....please dont forget Turkey is the country that sent the nominee of the Noble Prize to Prison for 15 years ! just because she had said this sencetence in Kurdish Language"I want to make democracy in Turkey and Bortherhood between Kurds and Turks"

    whatever , for sure , PKK's being on terrorist list is just bullshits and USA did this bullshit for the sake of Turkey, we kurds looked at this as a bitter Joke .

    but now now this bitter joke is gonna be more Reall ,, now USA is gonna take action on PKK members in the "Safest" place of the Iraq for the Americans.

    Kurdish peopel welcome every freedom fighter no matter PKK Freedom Fighers or American Freedom Fighrs , they make safe heavon for freedom fighters. and hell for dictators and oppressors .
    no matter how strong he be, , Saddam used every possible kind of weapons on Kurdish peopel but did it have any use on them ?

    and now USA decided to attack to Kurdish Democracy Fighters of PKK ,I can assure you that if USA do that, Kurdistan will not be a safe place for Americans anymore and USA will loose its only true friend in Iraq for the sake of her dirty allience with Turkey.-a country that statistics show 80% of the peopel hate USA there-

    Michael Yon -an American blogger in Iraq- says

    If an American were to be separated from his patrol in Fallujah, he might be hung from a bridge. But if he's lost in Umar Bill, or Al Salamania, he will probably get tea and more thank-yous than are polite to accept. Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Holmes told me that several Kurds have said to him things like, "You have come here to save us. I would rather one of my own sons die than for one of your soldiers to die in Iraq." Having spent time with the Kurds myself, I understood when LTC Holmes told me he believed them.

    It's the difference between inviting someone to a picnic to share a meal,
    I remembers Hiner Saleem , the kurd movie director of the Pro-American Movie "Killometer Zero" said "my movie is not Pro-American , if France had librated Iraq , it would be Pro-France ..."
    Americans should know we dont love them for their Eyebrow or their Blonde Hair, our love to Americans is for their fighting with dictatorship in Iraq .
    if French / Americans/ Germans.....(Etc) want to fight with our Peshmerga Freedom Fighters ,
    we will hate them too ,and we make Kurdistan a hell for them.

    if America wants to take action on PKK for the sake of one of the most Racist - Undemocratic governments in the world (Turkey), I cant tell you this safe heavon in Kurdistan (for both Americans and PKK freedom fighters) , will turn to a hell .

    America will destroy his safe house in Kurdistan by his own hand . and that will make USA to loose the Iraq War , and US will leave Iraq for Iran ,Syria Turkey and others...

    this news was so shocking in Kurdistan , at frist nobody beliveed it , we were waiting for US to deny it ...but it is truth.
    I guess a new page has been opened in Kurdish hearts for USA after this shocking news.

    UPDATE : Laskaris the Greek Blogger says
    Condi is the diplomat. But has she asked the generals? I'll place my bets with those who see things "on the ground" -- and "on the ground" the only relatively peaceful area in Iraq right now is Kurdistan. The Kurds have both the armed force and the willingness to defend against the Iraqi Arab insurgents and this willingness alone places them... guess where... firmly on the side of Coalition forces. I would be very surprised to find a single American soldier willing to launch "police operations" against the only true and capable allies America has "on the ground" in Iraq so that the Turk is satisfie

    Friday, June 10, 2005 

    Baas Congress in Syria

    To every one's great surprise, the Baas Congress in Syria has re-elected President Bashar al-Asad as its General Secretary.

    At least, this result is as unexpected as Öcalan's reelection as the PKK direction, or if Masud Barzani becomes president of Kurdistan. Unbearable suspense.

    The Congress has stated that some law will be made for creating new political parties and private media. An attempt of liberalism ? If we examine changes, no one is really new, much of them having already been tested, even during Hafez al Asad's period. Thus "the adoption of a law for parties and the revision of the electoral law" to organizing legislative and local elections may allow some dissident parties to participate, but it has happened already in 1994. In any case, Baas has secured its own prevalence in Parliament and other political groups (but not all) will be only minor, without much political importance. Like always, Baas preserves its directing position.

    As for the parties concerned with this "liberalization", the restrictions concerning the movements having "ethnic, religious or regional aspects", naturally aim at drawing aside Kurds and Islamist : A receding compared to 1994, but it is explained by the more visible activity of Kurdish parties and their new contest, in particular Yekitî actions, since the beginning of 2000's.

    Moreover, even within Syrian opposition, the taboo remains around Kurds' claims as a national minority, and this taboo has prevented, until now, any real alliance between Arab opposition and Kurdish parties. Even the supporters of a progressist and democratic evolution of Syrian society are reluctant to trick "the unity of Arab nation", and they feel they could do it if they recognize cultural rights for non-kurdish groups. And they see Kurdish-American alliance like a direct threat.

    Thus, Kurdish parties in Syria should not wait "official recognition", neither from State nor from opposition.

    Tuesday, June 07, 2005 

    Mes'ud Barzanî wishes to open an Israeli consulate in Hewlêr

    Kurds have a more flexible attitude concerning Muslim-Israli relations and could bring a few oxygen to the diplomatic rigidity of the Middle-East. They could even be a useful medium between Arab countries and Israel.

    In the newspaper "Al-Hayat", Masud Barzani has stated carefully that a relation between Kurds from Iraq and Israël would not be crime if most of Arab countries have the same one. He added that when an Israeli embassy opens in Bagdad, it will be possible to welcome an Israeli consulate in Hewlêr.

    For the moment, Iraq has no diplomatic relations diplomatiques with Israël, but its Kurdish Foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari, and the Israeli minister of Infrastructures, Benyamini Ben Eliezer, shook hands each others after a meeting of the World Economical Forum, last May, in Jordania, even if Hoshyar Zebari has later told that this gesture does not mean a political change of Iraqi line toward Israël.

    Moreover, Masud Barzani has stressed the "historical brotherhood" between Kurds and Palestinians but recommended them to refuse terrorism.

    When the newspaper asks him to comment the recent clash in Syria between the state and Kurds protesting against the murder of Sheikh Xeznewî, Barzani kept the same "prudent political attitude" : "Wherever they live in the world Kurds are Iraqi Kurds' brothers and we support them." But he added that KRG (Kurdish Regional Governement) has friendly relations with Syria, andhe advises it to manage the Kurdish question by dialogue, for the crisis doesn't become more serious."

    Source AFP.

    Monday, June 06, 2005 

    Report of Kurdish demonstrations in Syria

    Yesterday, Kurdish demonstrations protested against S,êx Xeznewî's murder. According to local sources, about 10,000 persons gathered in Qamis,lo. Thousands of soldiers and Baath militia Arabs were present too, to face and break up the demonstration. Kurdish parties have appealed to a pacific gathering, but some kurds threw stones against soldiers, while the latter answered with teargas. Among Kurds, there are numerous wounded (30 women). 2 policemen have been injuried and transported to the hospital. A local witness told that a Kurd had deadly shot a policeman and is under arrest.

    But dispersal did not prevent the demonstration to go on, especially around the city, where there were more violences between Kurds and Syrian army and Arab militias. The center of Qamis,lo was surrendered and ckehcked by army, which prenent any movement of people.

    In Koban, a town in Syrian Kuridstan (Jezireh) the same demonstrations happened, with thousand of people, coming from all the region. Shops were closed into mourning. The slogans were :

    - Ennemi is still an ennemy, and S¸êx Mees¸uq is our heart.
    - O great martyr, you are the storm on ennemy.
    - The martyr Mees¸uq will never die.
    - We ask all the truth on S¸êx Mees¸uq el-Xeznewî's murder.
    - No to political assassinations.
    - We want a democratic solution to the Kurdish Question in Syria
    - Où est la vérité ?

    At the end of the demonstration, a representative of the Kurdish Party Azadî (Freedom) in Syria, Eledîn Hemmam, and a representative of the Kurdish Party Yekitî (Unity), Mustefa Bekir, made an statement to claim the same revendications.

    Pictures of demonstrations could be seen on Amude.com.

    Sunday, June 05, 2005 

    Hello Ameriki

    Michael Yon, author of "Danger Close," is currently in Iraq ! here is some sentences I stole from his blog

    Kurdish people often ask me to say "hello" and "thank you" to Ameriki,the Kurdish villages threats from suicide bombers or random RPG attacks begin to evaporate. The Kurds have no tolerance for the insurgents who are boiling a cauldron of strife elsewhere in Iraq.
    The Kurds needed help to shake off the yoke, but now they want to chart their own lives. As one Kurd said to me in perfect English, "I was born free. I live free. I will die free." They have made good these words to Saddam's former henchmen.

    Kurdish enthusiasm for self-determination has a kind of contagion for our soldiers. The Kurdish and American characters mix readily, as is made clear by the Tennessee National Guardsmen, who are based in territory where many Kurds live. Yet there is more between the Tennesseans and the Kurds than mere polite respect; the relationship resonates with warmth and genuine regard. In contrast, relations with Arab Iraqis are often better characterized as negotiations, often with the modifier "grinding."

    Meetings with Iraqi Arabs sometimes seem more like talking with the French. We are not enemies. But, generally speaking, there is no real personal connection. At best, our collective personalities just don't seem to "click." Yet by recognizing the sovereignty and inevitability of each other, we manage to cooperate toward our common interests, while not going to war when we disagree. But with the Kurds, like the Poles or the Brits, there is an easy and audible click. We have mutual goals, mutual enemies, and, also importantly, we actually like each other....

    in another part Michael , talks to an old kurdish man , that tells him sad stroies like killing every male in that village , and also write stroies about beautifull girls in that village that been sold to Arabic Countries as sex slaves by the fromer Iraqi Regime.
    He fell somber and disappeared for a moment into memory. Emerging with a slight smile tinted by sadness in his eyes, he said, "The Kurds are so happy to see you. The Americans are like the angels from God." But his expression changed dramatically to one of hidden anger: "The Arabs accuse the Americans of being murderers and criminals," he said with finality

    in another place he writes
    If an American were to be separated from his patrol in Fallujah, he might be hung from a bridge. But if he's lost in Umar Bill, or Al Salamania, he will probably get tea and more thank-yous than are polite to accept...

    The people who view the relationship between Americans and Kurds with suspicion and cynicism have just got the math wrong. But that's a problem for a lot of people around here. The Kurds are a reasonable people when given the chance. Read more

    I liked his blog, I really recommend you to visit him , his writings are so cute , in another post he talked to a mischief kurdish girl that insits on saying she is 50 while she is 15 and she likes to study in a medcial university in london and then go to paris and then be American in San Fransico...

    if he would used "Kurdistan" word instead of Northern Iraq or Kurdish Zone , it would be much better (Wink)

    Saturday, June 04, 2005 

    Future isn't looking too great


    I know I haven't had a serious post in a while (although I do think my Hoff blog will go down as the most original and best blog ever made) but a rough encounter I had last week has really played on my mind and I've wanted to let the dust settle before I write it out. Be prepared this might be one of the longer blogs I've written.

    My exams had just finished so I decided to take a break and visit a few mates and close family over the space of 10 days to just do nothing but sleep and eat and recharge my batteries for my return to start my summer project. Anyway the first night I was with a good mate and we were having a good time having just watched Liverpool pull off an amazing win against the fanny boys Milan in the Champions League final. Then my mates' flatmates switch on the PS2 and we had a Pro Evolution Soccer 4 tournament. It's fair to say I am awesome in that game and I beat everyone with something to spare. One of his flatmates is an Iraqi guy (IG) who had grown up in the UK, I thought great... I haven't met too many Iraqi/Kurdish students during my 5 years in the Brittish University system, actually let me rephrase that; I havent met ANY. Anyway he was quite bitter that I beat him good in Pro Evo Soccer 4 that he challenged me again. I beat him again and he challenged me again and I beat him again... and this went on for a while.

    During one of the matches, he mentioned the Iraqi topic. The conversation was as followed; I will be labelled as X7 (Xosh 7al) in the conversation and he will be labelled as IG (Iraqi Guy). X7... that's an awesome name!!!! I feel all stealthy, syphillitic and covert-y.

    IG: "There are no good leaders in the world".
    X7: "Aye there are, Tony Blair for example".
    IG (in a startled manner): "No way!! He and Bush are the biggest Kaffirs!! (Kaffirs = atheists in arabic... but the manner he was using it in was quite offensive)"

    At this point I thought to myself... oh crap what did I just start here

    He went on about how America is the root of all evil blah blah blah he also mentioned some crap about Zionism blah blah .I phased out there coz I was really pummelling him in Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and I knew that he was a stubborn fella with whom there was no point of arguing.

    The conversation continued. (I'll only leave the interesting bits)

    IG: "What we need in Iraq is Islam to run it all"
    X7: "Fuck that... That's what is causing the world to go backwards"

    Now most people that know me know that I say things that I don't mean or that I have a crap time of expressing myself. The above phrase is an example of that. I did not mean to insult Islam, I was insluting what it had become; a fascist tool used by clerics and leaders to fulfill their own agendas. Anyway at this point he paused the game and stood up and said the following. Well more like screamed.

    IG: "Don't you fucking dare insult my religion, I'll fucking throw you against the wall, I'll fucking break your middle finger."

    I had no idea my response would provoke the above reaction. This guy was a couple of years younger than me and screaming at me like only parents would. So I stood up and tried to say as calmly as possible

    X7: "Don't yell at me, respect your elders and don't fucking use swear words if you want to defend your religion... it kind of defeats the point you prick"

    I then said pointing at my mate who I was visiting and who was also witnessing the whole conversation.

    X7: "He has known me for a good few years and he knows that I am a muslim and proud of it but he also knows that I despise what it has become and how it has dramatically changed in the past 20 years of my lifetime, so fuck knows how it's changed in the past 1430 years"

    There was no stopping IG though, he was still hurling abuse and among it all said "How can you consider yourself to be a muslim while you wear a gold necklace?!?!?"
    X7 (sarcastically): "I am sure God will judge me on the jewellery I wear and not on my good and bad deeds"

    Can't say my sarcasm helped diffuse the situation though, not that I cared at that point. By the way the necklace was a gift from my grandmother and has the map of Kurdistan in pure gold as the pendant, just in case any of you thought I was into all that bling bling crap. I am not!

    My mate managed to calm IG down and told him to sit down and have a proper discussion. So we tried.

    IG: "How can you call Tony Blair a great leader when he and Bush lead and let a bunch of kaffirs invade our country"
    X7: "Was there any other way we could have gotten rid of Saddam?"
    IG: "Yes, we could have had a United Islamic Arabic army to join up and topple him and not these Kaffirs"
    X7: "Are you deluded or something??? It's the arabs that are causing all the kharaab and mayhem in Iraq!!"
    IG: "It would still be better than these Kaffirs!"
    X7: "Why the hell do you keep on calling them Kaffirs, some of these people have faith too, such as Judaism and Christianity and they are part of 'Ahlul Kitab' " (Ahlul Kitab = Literal translation means the family of the book but it's meant to say that Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc... all belong to the same family)
    IG: "Yes they are, but they are kaffirs and they won't go to heaven"

    This surprised me quite a fair bit, I've taken Islamic Education in my school for 12 years and I don't ever remembering hearing such garbage.

    X7: "What the hell?!??! Where on earth did it say that!!!"
    IG: "It says in a Hadeethil Shareef (Prophet Saying) that ......"
    X7: "Don't give me a hadeeth as proof! You expect me to believe that something that the prophet said would remain intact for over 1430 years!!! And worst of all it travelled by the word of mouth of ARABS. Nowadays if you put 10 arabs in a line and told the one at the start of the line a phrase and told him to pass it along, by the time it would reach the end it will have completely changed"
    IG (completely disregarding what I had ust said, probably coz it was common sense): "Heaven is only reserved for Muslims"
    X7: "Woah there Starsky!! Are you telling me that come Judgement Day God will only allow Muslims to enter Heaven. He won't allow someone like Mother Theresa who spent her whole life for the benefiit of others to go into heaven but some muslim who spent his whole life causing misery on others and sinning his arse off will eventually go to heaven just because he was a muslim!! 99% of the islamic population were born muslims... they didn't choose to be muslims, so don't make it look like we are so bright and we chose this religion. I am sure that if the 90% of the muslims were born in a non-religious family in a non-religion based society, they would never choose Islam, because of they way it is bastardising itself on Arabic Media stations. I thought it said in the Qur'an that Allah (God) was 'Ghafoorun Ra7eem'?" (Ghafoorun Ra7eem = arabic for most fair and merciful)
    IG: "Only to Muslims"

    Now we all know the standard of the person I was speaking to.

    X7: "Listen, you're obviously quite retardedly stubborn about this and there is no point in arguing with you, so don't argue with me because I won't change my mind"
    IG: "I hope you don't die with this view Akhee (brother)"
    X7: "I don't give a shit over what you hope for and dont call me akhee, I am not related to you"
    IG: "You're my brother in religion"
    X7: "We obviously don't follow the same religion"

    The conversation returned back to Iraq.

    IG: "We should all give our support to the Muqawama (resistance) in their Jihad against the American Kaffirs"

    I think he was just using the word Kaffir to rile me up and I am quite easy to infuriate.

    X7: "I take it Jihad means killing innocent Iraqi civilians"
    IG: "Of course not... those attacks aren't done by Iraqis"
    X7: "FINALLY! SOMETHING WE AGREE ON!" (hoping he would say that these terrorists were from neighbouring countries wishing to delay the restructuring of Iraq, but then again IG is quite backward-minded)
    IG: "They were done by Americans"
    X7: "Ohoooooooo, you and your arabic mindset of conspiracy theories!!!, I bet you're an Al Jazeera follower"
    IG: "No man!! They only broadcast lies!!"
    X7 (surprised as hell): "Finally something we agree on!" (not as excited as last time)
    IG: "Yeah man, they only broadcast their news after its been approved by the Kaffir Zionist Americans!"

    What a heap of shite!!! And to put his message across he used an insult combo. Before I could go on, we were brought to an abrupt stop because IG wanted to watch the season finale of Desperate Housewives on E4. Very religious!! Eva Longoria is well hot though!

    I have no interest in that program so I retreated back with my mate to my mate's room (who kept quiet the whole time to give the impression he's neutral). As soon as we got in he told me that IG recently had a sudden death in the family and that his family is extremely religious and that maybe his sudden outburst on me was probably stored emotions from that tragedy. I told him that at the next available opportunity I would apologise to him. My mate also said that I shouldn't piss him off because during the ta3zia (funeral) of his family member in a mosque, Mujahideen from Afghanistan came to pay their respects. I've been scared shyte-less since then!!

    I apologised to him about unintentionally insulting Islam (although I still don't think I did too wrong) and left the place the next day to visit family.

    The thing that really worried me about that encounter was the fact that IG had grown up his whole life outside Iraq and in the UK. His mindset has frightened the hell out of me. If in the supposedly more open-minded society of the west is breeding scum like him what on earth is happening to the youth of Iraq with these dirty clerics who have their own agendas. As Dilnareen posted below, I agree that there are no semi-decent clerics left. As soon as a cleric shows some logic in his teachings he immediately becomes a moving target for the ba3thists and extremist bastards.

    I really hope that IG was just of a small minority of Iraqis. But in the way he reacted with me was as if it had been the first time he had ever seen or heard someone with my ideals and beliefs. Even if he were part of the small minority, the whole middle east is governed by the Vocal Minority and not the Silent Majority.

    The conversation depressed the living hell out of me, what kind of future will Iraq or Kurdistan have with these kind of people around?? Thank you for bearing with me through the whole conversation. Actually screw that... you should be grateful of this quality blog. Ah well.

    P.S. I am a Muslim. I believe most things that I studied in school about the prophet's life, but I don't believe a single word from the time of the Khulafa' el Rashideen untill today. Arabs are the biggest bullshitting, blood-thirsty, agenda-driving, greedy thieves that God has ever created, so who knows how much of it has been changed to brainwash the islamic youth. I just believe that if you are good and be good to other people God will reward you. Praying 5 times a day but drinking, sleeping around, lying, murdering etc.... will not make you a good person at the expense of someone with another or no faith who doesn't harm anyone mentally or physically and has lived in general a good life with good deeds.

    Friday, June 03, 2005 

    Syria working on all fronts

    They seem to be pretty happy with knowing nothings going to happen to them in the near future. First a kurdish sheikh goes missing for weeks , then later found tortured to death , all kurdish parites there closed down and have their people arrested ,same goes for opposition parties, syria still is a huge buffer for escaped iraqi baathist criminals, and still keep money and support flowing for terorrist fighting in Iraq and then they go about killing known anti-syrians (syrian sytem not people )in Lebanon
    their hands are full. Wonder how Arabiya covered that news since the murdered writer yesterday Samir al-Qasir, is the husband of one of their wellknown journalists Gizelle Khoury

    Sheikh Khaznawi's death is a reminder why there are no good clerics leftover after a baathist regime. His fate is exactly what happened to any semi-decent cleric during saddams reign in Iraq. Of course the fact him being kurdish didnt help him either. Just a little reminder to those who believe these new found iraqi clerics are for real.
    As we know to these clerics human lives aren't worth much unless they're linked to mosques and other religious paraphanellia
    Even then where they when 5000 villages in kurdistan (along with their many mosques) were reduced to rubble during the anafal operation or when tens of thousands of shiaas were brutally murdereed in their shrines and mosques after hte uprising... or why loook that far back what about now when iraqis are contantly being murdererd in mosques

    But back to the point syria's case is getting increasingly worrying. And no the solution isnt NUKE THEM or bomb the living hell out of them
    Cos as we can see with the case of Iraq so far its the same people who suffered under the baath regime that are suffering the consequences now while the criminals were allowed to leave unrepented with their money and everything intact, and still control the masses using fear

    But at least some outcry from this pathetic international community would help, I mean how could a demonstration this size in syria(regarding the dissapearance of Skikh Khaznawi) (hat-tip: roller reb) go unnoticed by the world media. Oh wait i forgot they're still busy with fake QUran story or Abu "drilling a whole in my mind" Ghuraib story
    How much more of this do we already need to hear of it.. its already been used as an excuse for everything from terorrist acts in iraq to genocide in darfur. We have abu ghraib the articles, abu ghraib the conferences, abu ghraib the statues, abu ghraib the paintings etc... whats left abu ghraib the musical, abu ghraib book tour by lyndi "ive never seen them male genitelia b4" england.

    If with all this fuss they could've at least explained what were these iraqis doing there..why were they imprisoned, were they guilty or not.
    And if they were innocent at least raise money through a charity for them with this overblown awareness they created
    But then I forgot they never do anyhting if they knew ordinary iraqi civilians would benefit from it

    Anyway to release anger watch this video (another one of them forwards) from memritv of a jazeera program on a discussion between a syrian opposition leader and some syrian baathist
    hehee this is everything u want the good guy is a well-spoken happy jolly man while the baddie is so damn repulsive and loud
    Watch how the opposition leader just cracks up listening to the baathist.


    Srebrenica Genocide

    This video shown through the BBC about the massacre of bosnian muslims is really creepy.
    The most graphic bits are cut of course but that doesn't lessen the impact.
    I mean supposedly the 20th century was a centruy of awareness, yet we've had many many many act sof genocide that were never stopped. And are always followed by the manadatory this never occured bullshit. Almost every single race or minority has either been involved or at the receiving end (sometimes even both) or some form of mass murder. So much for awareness. With a century's worth of experience in genocide the world has still never managed to offer any sort of help at the time of a mass murder happening, pathetic right. Take the example of Darfur now.. they're allowed to arrest doctors over just the simple claim of rape occuring there, and then we're meant to be grateful over the fact that they've dropped the charges. My genocide procedure checklist seems creepily close to the truth now

    Thursday, June 02, 2005 

    Amnesty International : S,êx Xeznewî was deadly tortured

    The organisation for Human's rights, Amnesty International stated yesterday that S,êx Xeznewî, the Kurdish Syrian Ulema, had been tortured until death in a Syrian prison. S,êx Xeznewî died on May 30, 20 days after his "missing", wrote an Amnesty Statement from Beyrouth. He was detained by Syrian services, and the NGO tells that he is the sixth Kurd to die in prison because of torture or bad treatments, since 2004 March uprising. Neil Sammonds, the representative of Amnesty for Syria called Syria to open an independant investigation about the death and to judge the killers.

    S,êx Xeznewî was Vice-president of the Islamic Sutidies Center in Damascus and was very popular, even out of Kurdish community. He was 46 years old, and endeavoured in his teaching to stress the compatibility of Islam and democracy. He was one of the spokesmen of Kurds in Syria, and the imam of Qamis,lo. He was firmly opposed to violence and has recently called Syrian authorities to reforms and dialogue between the different religious communities. In February and March he went in Norway, Brussels and Germany to establish relations between Eu and his community.

    Nazir Mustafa; the General Secretary of Syrian KDP, told S,êx Xeznewî had been seen in a military hospital of Teshrin in Damascus, and, according to physicians, had physical marks of tortures.

    He was buried in his town of Qamis,lo. Kurdish sources say that dozen of thousand people were present.

    But Syrian government denies, and stated that the sheikh was rapted by a criminal gang (well, indeed, Syrian power IS a criminal gang).

    Wednesday, June 01, 2005 

    Sheikh Mohammad Mashouk al-Khaznawi dies of torture

    The Kurdish community is shocked and saddened by the horrible and senseless murder of Sheikh Mohammad Mashouk al-Khaznawi. This is a tragic day for the Kurdish community, and our thoughts and prayers goes out to the victim, his family and the Kurdish people in West-Kurdistan. The sheikh was widely popular in Syrian Kurdistan and
    Syria, and was known for teaching that Islam and democracy are compatible. Sheik Knaznawi will be deeply missed. The bravery by his words about freedom of speech and religion will never be forgotten.

    May he rest in peace.

    You can find a news report here:Kbu news


    A wave of arrests in Iranian Kurdistan

    According to a statement from the Kurdistan Democratic Party- Iran, since 2005 April, Iranian Kurdistan faces a new wave of arbitrary arrests, especially among young people which express political opinions differents from authorities' ideology. Thus, dozens of people have been arrested. The situation of many of them are unkonwn, and their family ignore even the place of their detention.

    It is the case for six persons arrested on April 6th in the town of Nodcheh. Here are their names :

    - KAMKAR Jiyan.
    - KARIMI Wuria
    - EBADI Watan
    - RASULI Khaled
    - ANVARI Kaveh.

    some others had been judged in mock trials and heavily condemned. It is the case four persons in Mahabad, here are their names :

    - AMINI Reza, sentenced to 20 years of prison ; he will be soonly transefered to the prison of Tabriz.
    - HASSAN AZARPOUR Halmat, sentenced to 15 years of prison ; he will be soonly transferred to the prison of Urmiah.
    - MOHAMMADI Abdullah (aka Dostali), sentenced to 15 years of prison.
    - MOHAMMADZADEH Khaleg, sentenced to 10 years of prison ; soonly transferred to the prison of Maragheh.

    Protesting against these mock trials, the four prisonners have begun a hunger strike in the prison of Mahabad where they are presently detained.

    KDP-Iran blames these "inhuman and liberticid acts" by the Iranian regime and call the international organisations of Human's rights defence to react quickly, for supporting the freedom of expression of these men, imprisonned because of their opinions. KDP-I considers these facts as another evidence of the unscrupulous violation of fundamental rights and freedom by the Islamic republic of Iran, especially in Kurdistan.

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